Converting Maxmind’s New Geoip Database Format to MySQL

A Huge Number of IP Addresses to Resolve

IP addresses can be resolved to their approximate locations using which, with its cap of 10,000 addresses an hour, should be fine for most applications.  Sometimes though, there are reasons to host that information database locally, perhaps for speed or bandwidth reasons.   The database behind is Maxmind’s Geoip database.  They make a free version of this available for download.  This post describes how to migrate the new Maxmind Geoip database to MySQL.

This has been done plenty of times before, but only with Maxmind’s older Geoip Legacy databases, and not their newer, richer Geoip2 databases.  For new applications, it makes sense to now use the newer databases (for future-proofing and data quality reasons), but there does not seem to be a description about how to do this out there on the Web.  So this post is meant to address that information gap.

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